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Why Industrial Hemp Could Prove a Larger Economic Driver Than Marijuana

  Source: Why Industrial Hemp Could Prove A Larger Economic Driver Than Marijuana Industrial hemp is set to be a huge economic
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Cuomo Signs Bill, Invests in Industrial Hemp at Cornell Event

A thriving hemp market already exists, as the plant is used to make food, paper products, clothing, consumer goods and
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Nevada to Open Up Retail for Industrial Hemp as Production Expands

Nevada Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program Manager Russell Wilhelm says the state is setting up the new industrial hemp
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Making History with Hemp Seeds

Anderson was the first person in America to legally import hemp from Canada in 2014 after the federal farm bill
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State Sides with Helena Hemp Farmer who was Denied Federal Water

The Montana Department of Agriculture on Monday refuted a federal decision to deny irrigation water to a Helena Valley hemp
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Forbidden medicine: Caught between a doctor’s CBD advice and federal laws

In New York, a man on a quest to help his epileptic sister with cannabidiol from Colorado is stymied by
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Gov. Scott signs bill allowing Florida A&M, UF to begin industrial hemp research

FAMU, UF given given the go-ahead to conduct research pilot projects on growing and selling industrial hemp in Florida. Source: Tallahassee
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Super-Plant Hemp Poised to Fuel the Next “Green Rush”

While marijuana legalization gets the headlines, hemp shows potential for explosive growth in sectors ranging from the auto industry to
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