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marks the companies that use U.S.-GROWN HEMP!

Hemp seed oil is amazing for your skin, hair, and overall health. If you haven't yet tried a hemp product for your personal care, find a company on this list that suits your needs!

Dr.Bronners Dr. Bronner’s is the top-selling soap in the U.S. natural marketplace. They only use pure organic & Fair Trade ingredients.
Earthly Body Hemp-based natural hair and body care products for women.
Oregon Hemp Works Selection of USDA Organic hemp soap, lotion, massage oil, deoderant, tattoo balm, and lip balm.
The Merry Hempsters Hemp-based lip balms, salves, and tattoo care products.
The Fay Farm Organic body care products including hemp shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and liquid soap.
Made by Hemp Topical solutions, sunscreens, and salves that are great for your skin and body.
Hempz An amazing line of hemp-based body, hair, and sun products!
Nature's Root Great line of therapeutic body care products for men and women.
Kentucky Hemp Works Small selection of hemp salves and lip balms.
Boulder Hemp CBD oils, lotions, and tinctures grown organically in the mountains of Colorado!
Humbled Extracts Offers a line of high quality hemp salves with a mission "to create an all natural alternative to harmful pain killers for those suffering with chronic pain."
CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is a natural, non-psychoactive concentrate extracted from the hemp plant. Used on its own as a dietary supplement or infused into a wide range of products, CBD is packed with vitamins that offer a variety of natural therapeutic benefits.

Green Remedy Kentucky-based company specialized in providing top quality CBD products that are derived from the industrial hemp plant.
Dose of Nature Provides a variety of CBD products including ultra-refined oils, water-soluble drops, and 'nano shooters'.
Colorado Hemp Project Everything from CBD hemp products, CBD-rich hemp seed, clones, and industrial seed.
Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp extracts, isolates, vape oils, and even a hemp extract just for your house pets!
SanSal Produces Colorado organic CBD rich Hemp using strict organic protocols.
Made By Hemp Wide variety of quality CBD oil supplements, concentrates, and tinctures.
CBDRx CBDRx is the premium US supplier for hemp and CBD products for the nutraceutical, cosmetic, vape and edible markets. Available for bulk sales.
Colorado Cultivars Bulk-batch CBD made from Industrial Hemp grown domestically in Eaton, Colorado.
Hemp Meds Equally valuable resource for purchasing CBD products as well as learning more about the varieties and benefits of CBD products.
Casa Luna Chocolate Casa Luna is the original bean-to-bar chocolate maker with 100% Organic and Kosher certified ingredients with CBD.
Pure Ratios Californian company offering a unique section of CBD lozenges, topical patches, and more.
Hemp fiber makes for the perfect eco-friendly and durable textiles, paper, rope, and a variety of other products. Here are some of the best companies selling these products in the American market.

Hemp Traders A wide variety of hemp textiles, rope, yarn, webbing, and twine for sale.
Oregon Hemp Works Specialized in bags, backpacks, cellphone and tablet pouches made out of hemp textiles.
EnviroTextiles A manufacturer and importer of over 100 hemp fabrics world wide.
American Seed and Oil The home of some pretty awesome "Hempster" tees and apparel, check it out.
Hemplements Colorado-based company specializing in hand-made jewelry, bags, accessories and more.
Hempy's Quality hemp clothing, accessories and goods made in the U.S.A.
Global Hemp Cord Durable and beautifully colorful hemp cord/yard for all hobby, business and household uses.
Green Field Paper Company Wonderful selection of eco-friendly office papers, stationery, and journals.
Colorado Hemp Company Holiday hemp cards and hemp posters for the true hemp enthusiasts out there.
The Hemp Coop California-based nonprofit, offering a line of hemp clothing, hats, and other accessories.
Hill Tribe Hemp Small but high-quality line of hemp shawls, sweaters, and scrub washcloths, inspired by the traditional hemp craft of the Hmong Hill Tribe farmers of South East Asia.
Recreator Creative co-op producing sustainable hemp fashion in Los Angeles, California. Lots of comfy hoodies, sweatpants and tees.
Hemp Blue If you're looking for a more sustainable option to your denim jeans and clothing without sacrificing on looks, check out this brand.
Haute Hemp Co. Hemp meets haute! This company aims to "bridge the gap between high-end menswear with organic, eco- friendly & sustainable fabrics."
Hempseed and hempseed oil are dense in omega fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Check the list below to see some of the versatile and creative uses of hemp (spoiler alert - hemp pretzels and hemp chocolate bars may be addictive).

Nutiva Popular source for organic shelled hempseed, hemp oil, and hemp protein.
God Seed Burger Started as an organic food struck in Austin, Godseed Burger offers a wide variety of delicious hemp-based veggie burgers!
Southern Hemp Co. Kentucky-based company specializing in hemp CBD-infused moonshine. Don't knock it 'til you try it!
Kentucky Hemp Works Hemp protein powder for those gym rats out there.
Hippie Butter Texas-based company specializing in hemp seed food, butter, and bars.
Made by Hemp Hemp chocolate bars? Hemp throat lozenges? They've got you covered.
Living Harvest Specializing in hemp milk, hemp yogurt, and even hemp tofu! Health food enthusiasts welcome.
Hempzels Pennsylvania's famous Hempzels Pretzels claim to be the 'original hemp pretzel'
Colorado Cultivars Bulk wholesale hulled hemp seed and hemp flower.
Hemp hurd is the soft inner core of the hemp plant stem. It makes for a highly versatile and environmentally friendly material for industrial purposes, ranging from building materials to oil spill absorption.

Agro Bedding Premium animal bedding made from 100% hemp hurd.
Hemp Solutions offers a high quality, clean hemp hurd for use in construction applications such as hempcrete.
Grass Roots Grow Mats offers an eco-friendly, biodegradable growing medium made from hemp fiber.
Hemp Technologies Collective Supplies and installs durable, natural, and low-maintenance hempcrete for homes.
American Hemp Offers manufacturers processed hemp at low costs, including bast fibers, hurd and more.
Hemp Inc. Offers natural hemp-based solutions for industrial purposes including oil spill absorption and loss circulation material.
Colorado Cultivars Hemp hurd grown domestically in Eaton, CO. Uses include sustainable building materials, animal bedding, and burnable pellets.
Looking to start your own hemp business? Here are some of the leading American companies providing seeds, testing, equipment, and consulting that can help you get started.

Steep Hill Independently owned and operated analysis, biotechnology, and research and development facility offering lab testing and licensing.
Colorado Hemp Project Organic hemp seed, hemp hurd, hemp fibre, CBD-Rich hemp flowers and raw hemp leaves. They also offer hemp consulting on 'everything you need from seed to sale".
General Hemp The world’s leading investment group supporting growth in the industrial hemp industry.
Rocky Mountain Hemp Rocky Mountain Hemp aims to be the leader in Industrial Organic Hemp Production.
Goby Labs Offers a wide array of cannabis testing, including potency, pesticides, and pH testing.
Hemp Gene Providing product and strain identification, authentication, and R&D support.
CBDRx The CBDRX proprietary strain is the alternative to low-grade imported hemp and low CBD strains on the market.
SanSal Produces Colorado organic CBD rich Hemp using strict organic protocols and materials
EmoTek Labs Colorado-based company offering a line of American-made extortion machines.
US Hemp Wholesale Offers custom private labeling, 3rd party lab testing, and wholesale.
Colorado Cultivars Four valuable strains of hemp seed for growing the perfect farm.
Hemp Traders American hemp grain planting seeds and industrial hemp seed oil.

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